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Halloween Tricks for Kids with Sensory Disorders

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Halloween can be a fun time for all ages, but it can be frightfully overwhelming to some children if one is sensory sensitive. Take a second to imagine all your senses are magnified up to 10x or more; now imagine on Halloween. This is what it might feel like on some level to a sensitive sensory child (lights flashing too bright, spooky noises jumping out at an alarmingly loud sound, and people in masks coming into your bubble). This can make Halloween hard to handle, but we can help these children enjoy the evening with better success with simple tips and prepping.

Below are six easy steps that you can take to help make Halloween a little less spooky for your sensory-sensitive child.

Tip #1 - Be Home Before Dark

Try heading out before sunset. You can get a lot of trick-or-treating done, as well as enjoy a nice sunset walk around your neighborhood.

Tip #2 - Be Intentional About the Costume

You know your kiddo the best! What types of materials might bother them or prefer to wear something more open and flowing. From there, start by wearing the costume or becoming familiar with the outfit before they have to wear it for Halloween.

Other ideas are to try using headphones or putting clothes underneath their costume.

Tip #3 - It's all Pretend

Have a conversation with your child/ren beforehand, explaining that everyone is just dressing up for fun.

Tip #4 - Go to Familiar Houses and Take Breaks

Keep to the route your child/ren knows and is comfortable with.

Tip #5 - Wagons and Strollers are your Friends

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Tip #6 - Follow their Lead

It's a great idea to set up cues that they can use to let you know they are done or have had enough. But at times, they may not realize it, so check in with them through the event or night.

From everyone here at First Steps, we hope you have a scary good time this Halloween!


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