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Testimonials: Features

Bryony & Vinnie

Until the day I die, I will always praise your company and the therapists you hire. There are so many things, tricks, tips, and skills we have all learned to give Vinnie a better life. Your team celebrates with us, pushes us to do better, and answers my weird questions-of well, 'how can we do this?' As Vinnie has moved into the world of Children's and Kid Street, your team has balanced out the crazy they present. Even today, when I am lost and hurt and emotional, you and Donna made a huge problem smaller and solvable. You are my 3AM phone call. I also wanted to praise and thank the Russian lady from over the summer. Vinnie wasn't engaging; the doctors were telling me it was because of the brain damage, but she was like-he just needs toys for his age. And then Vinnie opened his eyes, started playing, and learning words. She changed everything. 
Thank you for everything. 

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