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Services Offered

 Our team of highly trained and master-level clinicians is dedicated to providing the best-individualized care plan for you and your child.

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The First Steps physical therapy team treats a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder, Down syndrome, dyspraxia, genetic disorders, autism spectrum disorder, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disorders, prematurity, failure to thrive, and torticollis through the use of physical measures as an alternative to medicine or surgery.

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The First Steps occupational therapy team helps children with behavioral challenges, cognitive delays, and sensory processing difficulties. They help optimize learning and facilitate routine-based skills and independence in the home environment. They assist children by teaching them in a play-based learning situation to improve activities of daily living and build foundational skills needed for everyday activities. Our focus is to help children with any kind of physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities thrive.

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The First Steps speech-language pathology team evaluates and treats speech sound disorders, receptive/ expressive language disorders, social communication disorders, feeding/ swallowing disorders and literacy, reading, and written expression disorders. Our experienced team of speech-language pathologists will work with your child to design a tailored plan that focuses on their individual needs and goals. With our help, your child will be able to express themselves more clearly and confidently.


15530 E Broncos Pkwy, Ste 100, Centennial, CO 80112


Clinic Office: 720-900-7432

Referral Coordinator: 720-989-0179 



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